Product Summary

1. The use of SMD ceramic capacitor dielectric layer of thin layer and multilayer laminated technology, has greatly expanded capacitance value

2. The monolithic structure of ensuring we''''''''ll have excellent mechanical strength and reliability

3. High precision, automatic assembly have a high degree of accuracy

4. Because only ceramic and metal, so even in high temperature, low temperature environment nor fading phenomenon, has strong reliability and stability

5. Low distribution characteristics of capacitance can be close to the theoretical value of circuit design

6. Residual induction coefficient, ensure good frequency characteristic

7. Because of the electrolytic capacitor field also obtained the capacitance, the extension of life, more to the high reliability of power supply

8. Because of the low ESR, good frequency characteristic, therefore, the most suitable for high frequency, high density type of power supply


Operating temperature range: 55 ~ 125 ℃

Rated voltage: 100 VDC to 3000 VDC

Temperature characteristic: NPO: plus or minus 30 PPM / ℃ or less, and 55 ~ 125 ℃ (EIA) Class I

X7R: plus or minus 15%, or less - 55 ~ 125 ℃ (EIA) Class II

Capacity range: NPO: 2 to 100 pf nf;

X7R: 150 pf to 2.2 uF

The loss tangent (tan delta) : NPO: Q p 1000;

X7R: D.F. 2.5% or less

Insulation resistance: 10 g/C Ω Ω or 500 take the minimum value

Aging rate: NPO: 1%;

X7R: 2.5% a decade